Carol Vorderman’s curves spill out of eye-popping dress in new video

Carol Vorderman, 62, showcased her sensational curves in a short video clip today, in which she quizzed her 341,000 followers: “Are you ready for another week or Perfect 10?”

She continued to Instagrammers: “I hope you’re all having a lovely bank holiday weekend… head over to @perfect10carol, wherever you get your podcasts or the link in my bio to get today’s episode. Sending love Xxx.”

Carol placed a hand on her hip as she swayed around in the chic black midi dress, whch boasted ruched satin-effect fabric and buttons all the way down the front.

She paired the outfit with a pair of heeled ankle boots as she sashayed down a staircase carrying a sheet of paper with the words ‘Perfect 10’ emblazoned across the front.

Instagrammers were left wondering if that slogan referred as much to the woman herself as to the quiz show.

The ex-Countdown star was once believed to be the highest paid woman in television, in an impressive career spanning several decades.

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Yet fans won’t just be rushing to her Perfect 10 show for a quizzing session, as they can also catch installments of last year’s filming sessions in South Africa at 9pm each evening on ITV.

Carol’s appearances on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! have proved popular with fans so far, as has her show-stopping feud with American ex-model Janice Dickinson.

Fans were in stitches after last Thursday’s Instagram Live session, in which Carol relentlessly mocked Janice’s “whinging” voice.

She made it clear there was no love lost between them last week, when she gave a very candid account of what it was really like to be in close proximity to her in the South African jungle.

“[There was] noise from her endlessly – it’s like, shut up!” Carol exclaimed, imitating her by making what sounded like raucous and blood-curdling bird calls.

“I can speak for a few of us [who] just lost the plot with her… always moaning,” she confided in slightly hushed tones.

Meanwhile, she elaborated that she thought anyone who was impressed with Janice’s TV appearances simply hadn’t seen the full story.

“The bits you’re seeing [on screen] are the nice bits – the rest of it is just ‘Aaah, aaah, aaah’, all day,” she joked of her co-star, before adding mischievously: “That’ll be in the newspapers tomorrow!”

Earlier this month, Carol also attempted to imitate the sounds of mating hippos, whom she said had interrupted her zen-like yoga session.

“I had three hippo friends joining me in my @imacelebrity isolation who loved to make a lot of noise at night, having a party during their mating season,” she divulged on her Instagram Stories.

Carol was in hysterics recalling that she was completely “ignored” by the beasts and was left to comedically conclude: “They don’t fancy me!”

Carol’s Perfect 10 podcast is available now, while her continuing action in I’m A Celebrity South Africa can be seen each day on ITV at 9pm.

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