Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: ‘You are looking like a mad woman’ Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik stand against Kavita Kaushik’s captaincy

Bigg Boss 14 has been doing great and fans are loving the show. The contestants are making the show interesting now and we can now see the changing equations in the house. Kavita Kaushik has been the most talked about contestant as she has had a lot of arguments with the housemates. Her fight with Eijaz Khan has been quite ugly and post that we have seen her arguing with almost everyone. After she entered the house again, many did not like the way she had been behaving. However, Abhinav Shukla had been close to her since the start. They are friends from outside and hence he respects Kavita. Even Rubina has been talking well with Kavita. But it seems the friendship is over now. Yesterday, we saw Abhinav and Aly taking the appy fizz and breaking rules. However, only Abhinav was punished because he hid about what Aly did from captain Kavita. Rubina’s argument with Kavita was the biggest highlight. During that fight, we heard Kavita saying friends with benefits indirectly hinting towards Abhinav and her bond.

Rubina and Abhinav did not like this comment. In the latest promo, we will see a huge fight between Kavita, Rubina and Abhinav. As per the promo, Kavita comes to wake up Abhinav who is purposely trying to break rules by sleeping. Abhinav tells her that she is looking like a mad woman. Kavita keeps asking him to get up and says that he lives with a mad woman and is calling her mad. Later Rubina tells Kavita to give her duty to someone else. Kavita asks her then which duty will she prefer to do. Rubina says that she will not do any duty. Both Rubina and Abhinav refuse to do any duty. Rubina says, “I will not do any duties till Kavita is the captain of the house.”

Kavita and Rubina get into an argument and Kavita says, “The woman who has done a show called Shakti, is the weakest woman.” Rubina ignores this and laughs.

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