Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: ‘Khudki tumhari akkal nahi hai,’ Abhinav Shukla is pissed off with wife Rubina Dilaik

Bigg Boss 14 has been going on well and fans are loving the changing relationships in the house. Rubina Dilaik and her husband, Abhinav Shukla entered the show together. Since the very first day we have seen them supporting each other and caring for each other as any ideal couple would do. They have been discussing about their game plans and other things together. They have become each other’s emotional support. We also saw them doing sacrifices for each other in the house. They look like a strong couple in the house. However, it seems the relationship is slowly getting weak because of house politics. Tonight we will see the strong relationship of husband and wife facing issues. As per the latest promo, we see Abhinav getting irritated and asks Rubina why did she speak and Rubina says she was talking to Rahul. Abhinav tells her not to give explanations.

He tells her to shut up. Later Rubina taunts Abhinav and says that he feels everyone is ‘mahan’ here and that he has a huge misunderstanding. Abhinav tells her to use her brain and Rubina says that now more than her he finds others important. Later we see Rubina asking Abhinav whether she can do what she wants to and Abhinav says, “Khudki tumhari akkal nahi hai.” We also see Abhinav screaming at Rubina. In the garden area, Rubina tells Abhinav to trust her only. Abhinav says that he is not listening to anyone and will shut up from now on. Take a look:

Well, it seems Abhinav and Rubina are going through a rough patch and we will see a different story in the house now. It will be interesting to watch whether Rubina and Abhinav solve their issues soon or their fights will increase.

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