Bigg Boss 14: ‘It’s a reality TV show, not your house,’ Kamya Panjabi SLAMS Abhinav Shukla for disrespecting Rubina Dilaik on national television

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw only real-life celebrity couple, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla at loggerheads. sure, they had disagreements before but this time around it escalated quite quickly with Abhinav losing his cool. When the two of them had entered the Bigg Boss house, their fans were super stoked as they are the only celebrity couple hitherto who entered the house together in the history of Bigg Boss. To-date we saw them rooting for one another. A lot of people even claimed that they have been playing inside the house as husband and wife rather than two separate contestants.

However, last night we saw them fighting for real for the first time on national television. And boy did it turn ugly. It so happened that, Rubina accused Abhinav of listening to others and not trusting her judgments. Rubina was pretty upset with Abhinav listening to other housemates. Later on, Abhinav wanted to strategies with Rubina about the Panchayat task, however, she refused to cite stomach ache. This irked Abhinav as he felt that Rubina is trying to avoid him. He even said that he finds her difficult to talk to. Later on, their fight intensifies when Rubian refuses to play as a team. Abhinav got so angry that he even called her over smart. “Khud ki toh tumhari akal nahi, mat karo phir bakwaas. ((You don’t have a brain of your own),” he lashed out.

Now, this had not gone down well with a lot of people. Rubina’s friend and Shakti AStitva Ke Ehsaas Ki co-star, Kamya Panjabi slammed Abhinav for disrespecting Rubina on national television. “Dear Abhinav, you are in the Bigg Boss house. It is a reality show and not your house. You are on National TV issiliye aap apni biwi ki self respect ka dhyaan rakhe kyuki yahan puri duniya dekh rahi hai! (So, take care of your wife’s self-respect as the entire world is watching,” she tweeted out. Check her tweet below:

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