Bigg Boss 14 disappoints! Why is Salman Khan’s show not living up to its ‘most watched’ reputation this year?

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 14’s TRPs is something everyone is keeping their eyes on. It is obvious given that Bigg Boss 13 was a huge success. The TRPs of Weekend Ka Vaar even touched 4.9! This time, the situation is vastly different. The show has to compete with the IPL that is being watched by the majority of Indians. And we know one thing, very few people like to compromise on their cricket. The show is seeing very low TRPs. As per latest statistics, the TRPs of Weekend Ka Vaar was 1.5. This is in sharp contrast to last year when the comparatively bland episodes were also getting TRPs of above 2.

Now, coming to the weekday episodes, they are in the range of 1.1 to 1.2. Things seem to have picked up some momentum in the past few days with all the fights between Rahul Vaidya-Jasmin Bhasin, Pavitra Punia-Rahul Vaidya and the entry of the wild cards. However, it is still very low as compared to Bigg Boss 13 when the show was getting 1.5 and above even on weekdays. This might be a little surprising as contestants are trending every night on social media. A number of people are watching it on social media. We have to see how it is faring when the IPL gets over. Bigg Boss, in general, is a slow starter so this is nothing new.

The show has been dealing with demands for a ban since last year. This year, it started with a wave of negativity as supporters of the ‘Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput’ movement demanded a boycott on the show. Last year, the situation was similar with people calling it out for ‘vulgarity’. However, in January 2020, Bigg Boss 13 was the third most watched show in India. It was a huge achievement for the reality show. So far, the poorest performance TRP-wise was in Bigg Boss 12, and it did not perform till the end.

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