Ben Affleck Lists Palisades Home for $30 Million After Moving into Massive Mansion with J.Lo

Time for a Ben Affleck and J.Lo real estate update that will make you truly scream due to the amount of millions mentioned. Looks like reports that the couple have purchased a fancy new mansion are true, because TMZ reports that Ben just listed his Palisades home for a casual ~$30 million. And by the way, he bought the home in 2018 for $19.250 million, so he’s looking at a $10 million profit.

The sale follows Ben and Jen seemingly moving into a new $60 million mansion that was previously owned by billionaire James Packer. TMZ reports that the couple are actually leasing the home at the moment, and truly I cannot even begin to imaging what their monthly rent looks like.

But these two definitely have the money: back in April—after their move to purchase a $50 million Bel-Air place fell through—they were spotted checking out out the “Spelling Manor,” one of the most expensive homes in Los Angeles that was built by TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. The listing price? $165 million. Which gives you an idea of Ben and Jen’s massive budget.

Anyway, they didn’t end up buying this place and TBD on how long they’ll be leasing James Packer’s property before they snatch up something for themselves. Right now, the newlyweds are definitely still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship (quite literally—they just went on honeymoon), and are said to be busily planning yet another giant wedding for their friends and family.

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