ASK ANU: How NOT To Talk To Your Teen

‘Please listen to me. I am not okay.’

How often do we see teens tell their parents that something is bothering them and they need help?

Rarely. What you often see, instead, is them showing disrespect and a general lack of interest in routine activities as they gradually disconnect themselves from the people they love.

These are some tell-tale signs that your child may need help and intervention.

According to Anu Krishna, mental health expert and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) trainer, “Being a teenager is confusing. They have all kinds of issues — FOMO (the fear of missing out), hormonal changes, body image issues…” all of which directly and indirectly influence their choices, thoughts and mental well-being.

In such cases, the responsibility of communication rests solely on the parent, Anu insists.

In the third and concluding part of our self-help series on understanding teenagers, Anu offers advice on how parents and teens can have a healthy conversation.

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In this video, Anu explains why it is important for parents to address the two big Cs (communication and conversation) in order to create a safe and healthy environment for children at home.

“Understand. Observe. Hear a lot. And converse,” she advises parents.


Teens too need to understand that their parents and elders always have their best interests at heart.

Anu explains how teens can improve their relationship with parents. Watch!


While there is no right way to parent, Anu feels that instructional parenting may not necessarily work in modern times.

“Don’t raise your children the way you were raised,” she smiles.

Sharing examples from her own personal and professional life, Anu explains how parents can raise children with love, trust and faith so they can confide in you during their toughest times.

Do listen to her advice for parents and teens in the video below:


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