Angry Soup Thrower Arrested in Texas for Assault Causing Bodily Injury

Some scalding hot justice for the woman who threw soup at a restaurant worker in Texas … she’s been arrested more than a week after the attack.

Amanda Martinez was just picked up by cops on a warrant for assault causing bodily injury, law enforcement sources say she’ll be booked into Bell County Jail.

TMZ broke the story, restaurant manager Jannelle Broland — who took the face full of soup — said she planned on pressing charges after the attack at the Temple, TX Mexican restaurant earlier this month.

As for what led up to the attack … Broland says Martinez placed an order to go, and came back a short time after picking it up, complaining there was some plastic in the soup. Broland says she offered a full refund or item swap for the soup, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for Martinez, who cussed up a storm, tossed the soup and bolted.

At the time, cops said they were working to track Martinez down, and they’ve delivered on that promise.

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