Amanda Holden hilariously REACTS as viewers complain to Ofcom over risqué Britain’s Got Talent dresses

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has reacted after her revealing ensembles on the show sparked complaints from viewers.

As always, the 48 year old pulled out all the stops for her appearances on the live shows this season – but while many adore her ensembles, she left some viewers claiming that some of her gowns have been “inappropriate for family viewing” on the TV show, which begins at 7.30pm.

Now, Amanda has given a hilarious response to the claims and a string of Ofcom complaints – saying she’s had “no complaints about my t*ts” from her husband Chris Hughes.

She told The Sun: “My t*ts seem to become the show's biggest talking point every year."

She added that despite "plenty of complaints apparently," there had been "none from home."

Amid the uproar, Amanda revealed she wore nipple covers while sporting a recent spider web dress.

  • Amanda Holden sports another revealing dress – hours after last night's risque Britain's Got Talent number received ofcom complaints

She says: “When I wore the spider’s web dress this week I actually wore a nipple cover, and for me that was a first.

“I was thinking that it’s a family show and people talk about my boobs every year, so I thought I would wear a nipple cover.”

She joked: “I’d now happily put it on eBay. But do you know what my children do with them? I get home and take them off, and you know those toys that you throw on to the wall and they stick then slide off?

  • Amanda Holden’s racy Britain’s Got Talent dress sparks Ofcom complaints as it divides viewers

"They throw them at the kitchen cabinets and play games with my nipple covers. "

She added: “We have lovely games.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues at 7:30pm on Friday on ITV.

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