Adorable! Twins, siblings sing the National Anthem!

We asked you, dear readers, to send us videos of your school-going kid singing the National Anthem.

Sisters Anvi, 12, and Sharvi, 7, from Pune sing and play the National Anthem on the synthesizer.

Do watch their wonderful video below!



Watch 6-year-old twins Vidita and Veda from Visakhapatnam beautifully recite the National Anthem:



Siblings Shravak Parikh, 10, and Shravika Parikh, 9, sent us this amazing video all the way from Connecticut, USA.



Ritadrik Saha, 5, Kolkata is all prepped up to present the National Anthem. The cutie is wearing a tricolour sash and holding the flag in his hand.



Manvi Karthik, 5, sings the Jana Gana Mana with fervour from her terrace in Bengaluru.


Please e-mail the Rediff iShare link to [email protected] (Subject: My National Anthem Video) along with your school-going child’s NAME, AGE and LOCATION before 11 am IST, August 14, 2020.

Video: How to upload THE National Anthem on iShare


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